"By treating it as natural. They won’t – as they grow up, they won’t be as sexualized as the characters are in the comic book. Not to get into the “why they were that way” but it’s a kind of visual thing. You could say the men are also sexualized but you don’t see unpleasant physical specimens of men either. Like Batman is a hunk. And a big part of the unspoken attraction of those characters is that they’re very big, handsome guys. Which is not to say that we’re going to create unsexual versions of those characters, but we will know them as people. We will know them from when they were young. We won’t have to rely on the visual pop of a bustier. That’s the characters. You’ve got a bustier on. There’s more to it than that"
Bruno Heller on Gotham’s Villains & Casting Young Actors as Traditionally Sexualized Comic Book Characters (x)
Running errands because I can officially drive again!!!

Running errands because I can officially drive again!!!

my face  

Oh what fun to kill someone and end up in jail.

if i had to explain being an adult it would be the email i just got about a housewarming potluck where we were told to bringing wine, cheese, and cards against humanity 




friendship love is so confusing
its like ‘hm yes id like to bring u flowers and compliment u and make u the happiest person on earth but no romo’

no romo

omfg no romo

Our data plan is messed up for some reason since my upgrade and AT&T is being particularly useless. 

The person I just spoke to told me I’m authorized to access the account for the call, but they can’t help me and need to speak to my in-laws, the original account holders? I was just like ‘yes, I’m authorized, cool. Please help me then’ and she just kept repeating herself until I finally gave up. 

I’m not supposed to be getting my blood pressure this high right now. 






Tumblr actually loads on my new phone. What is this madness.